GO metricUSATM is an organization dedicating to promoting the adoption of the metric system in the United States of America and to help industries cut costs. This is the home for METRIC STANDARDS for Worldwide Manufacturing, the leading and only metric reference book since it first was published by Industrial Press in 1978. Order Form.

The change to the metric system offers American manufacturing unique opportunities to introduce new tkok8_image002.jpghinking to the old ways products were made. The metric system requires new fastener sizes,  new sheet sizes, new material plate sizes, new round bar and wire sizes, new drill sizes,  new gages, etc., to be used in production. This is where the tremendously rewarding opportunities come into play. For example, six or less threaded fastener sizes may be selected to replace more than 61 sizes used in the old systems. Multiply the number of unique fastener sizes that can be eliminated by several thousand dollars each (automotive actual savings), and the total dollar savings for your company can very well become quite impressive. 

The motto the author promotes is  SELL AMERICAN rather than the negative slogan we frequently hear BUY AMERICAN”.  All sizes for fasteners, material, and components presented in the book conform to American standards in agreement with ISO. The national, international or industry standard where data was copied from is always referenced in the more than 500 detail tables or figure titles. The book is therefore well suited for global design, manufacturing and marketing, and will help create USA manufacturing jobs.

You can quickly learn about the METRIC (SI) SYSTEM and how it relates to the CUSTOMARY INCH SYSTEM from the two free sites. Opportunities how you can save in manufacturing and engineering is also covered here free of charge. You may also want to introduce the ISO System of Limits and Fits, ISOTOLTM, in your business, which has been successfully used around the world for 70 years and saved billions of dollars in manufacturing and engineering. The great savings are in terms of cost in engineering time, material stock, cutting tools and gages.

We live in a metric world, and numerous areas around us are already metric. How metric products are successfully sold on the global market are proven by industry groups such as: Wine and Liquor, Soft Drinks and Water, Pharmaceuticals, Vitamins, Automobiles, etc. A “fifth” gallon is now 750 mL (milliliters), and the Kentucky whisky and California wine industries are doing great on the global market.

We should learn from the successful transition done by the Wine and Liquor industries, and start to package products such as: all houshold liquid items, sugar, flour, butter, etc. in L (liter) bottles or kg  (kilogram) packages rather than the customary gallon and pound containers. The old ladies in Germany today go into the grocery store and ask for a pound of butter and get of course the standard 500 g wrapping. We could now market a lot of those houshold and food items on a global scale. You have a hard time to sell products packaged in ounces and pounds outside the USA.

Read more details about becoming involved in promoting the use of the metric system in the USA.

If you want to see How It All Started, just click here.  More useful information is published on the first web site, http://www.kok.com, that was on the Internet 20 years ago.


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