Only 3 countries in the WORLD don't use metrics!


Metric designed, labeled and packaged goods are preferred in the global market


Awareness and Productivity

Promoting use of the metric system in the USA to help industries cut costs

Sell American Products to the World!


Strenghten and increase export trade

Promote the use of the metric system

Cut manufacturing costs and accelerate the transition to a metric America

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Why Metrics

METRIC is the worldwide measurement language and English is the global business language

Products made to metric measure are preferred worldwide

Metric designed, labeled and packaged goods will be required in the global market


Improve our education system Increase export of manufactured goods

Simplify global communications

Help businesses compete in the international market


American population -

Simple and easy to learn

Provide easy access to learning and training in the metric system over the Internet, SmartPhones, iPads, DVDs, newspapers, TV and Radio.

Organization offers free materials and advice on how to best introduce the metric system into your company's manufacturing processes or services.

We will be happy to give you free advice on how to approach this global marketing, manufacturing and engineering challenge.


The estimated cost of the metric project could be in the millions of dollars.

The cost is anticipated paid for by advertising, sponsors, members and foundation grants.