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If you need help with bringing your business in tune with Global Manufacturing and Engineering, we can help you.

GO metricUSA™.org, Inc offers free materials and advice on how to best introduce the metric system into your company's manufacturing processes or services. We will be happy to give you free advice on how to approach this global marketing, manufacturing and engineering challenge. Contact us directly if you wish to discuss these services.
We also offer free access to these articles to help you considers the benefits of using metric standards and preferred sizes in your manufacturing process: Consider data shown using the ISO System of Limits and Fits is now available as an online version or stored on the CD, .
Planning and conversion programs, developing metric company standards and specifications, training personnel, interpretation of foreign specifications, releasing complete documentations, controlling drawing and standard parts issues, provide short and concise specifications. We have helped many businesses with these services to successfully implement metric manufacturing standards and practices.

Contact us directly if you wish to discuss these services.
How we can help you:
• Train your personnel how to use the metric system
• Update your documentations to global metric standards
• Show you how to GO METRIC and CUT COSTS
• Optimize your selection of metric standard parts and material
• On-site presentation tailored to your requirements
• Thorough knowledge in National and International (ISO) standards and specifications
• Will help you specify fewer parts, material sizes, and tooling for use in manufacturing
• Years of experience in how to simplify design and cut costs in manufacturing
• The ISOTOL™ Software for Limits and Fits

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