The mission of GO metricUSA™.org

  • If you believe, like we do, that a metric America would strenghten us as a nation and help us increase export trade, we would appreciate to hear from you and get your support.
  • We have a very good starting point with the leading and only reference book on METRIC STANDARDS for Worldwide Manufacturing, which has several key chapters available free of charge to users.
  • Our main goals are to promote the use of the metric system, help cut manufacturing costs and accelerate the transition to a metric America.
  • This project also provides visitors with all the tools required in small and medium-sized businesses coping with implementing the metric system.
  • We are a nonprofit and tax exempt organization, GO metricUSA™.org, Inc., here to help coordinate the transition to a metric America.

We can help you and you can help us. We must try to get manufacturing and jobs back to the USA, and we will not do it with INCH products. Please review these details about the scope and mission of GO metricUSA™.org, Inc. and contact us directly for sponsorship, membership, or advertising information.

Need for the Project

  • METRIC is the worldwide measurement language and English is the global business language.
  • Products made to metric measure are preferred worldwide.
  • Metric designed, labeled and packaged goods will be required in the global market.

Benefits of a Metric USA

  • A metric America will help improve our education system, increase export of manufactured goods, simplify global communications, and help businesses compete in the international market.
  • Metric designed and manufactured products will help increase our export trade.
  • See how to Select the Optimum Preferred Metric Sizes and Help Cut Manufacturing Costs.
  • The metric system is simple and easy to learn.
  • How the ISO System of Limits, ISOTOL™, has saved billions of dollars during the past 70 years.
  • The metric system use decimals and time spent learning about fractions and their use in calculations is not required in the metric world.

Target Audience

  • The target audience is the entire American population. To focus metric education only on our children, has not produced major changes yet.
  • The entire American population should have easy access to learning and training in the metric system over the Internet, Phones, iPads, DVD’s, newspapers, TV and radio.

How to Achieve the Goals
The project will be completed in four stages as follows:

  1. Description of the metric system and list of sources where visitors will find help.
  2. Conversion program and lists of rounded and 400 precise conversion factors.
  3. Development and publication several metric training/educational videos including ten short public service announcements (PSA) for mass free distribution and TV commercials.
  4. Sponsor metric promotion and education through advertising and TV commercials.