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The latest editions of the METRIC STANDARDS for Worldwide Manufacturing book are now available in both electronic (8th Ed) and hardcover (7th Ed) versions. You may order the e-book or the software from this site. For multiple workstation use (Intranet) of the book or software contact Knut for quotes. You may order the e-book, hardcover book or the software from GO metricUSA™.org, Inc.direct or via PayPal For the e-book 2012 edition Intranet use contact Knut with the number of workstations in use, and you may negotiate a good deal.


GO metricUSA™.org, Inc. 318 St Andrews Road Statesville NC 28625-4659 USA. Please email, mail or phone 704-990-8449 your order to Knut. You may also want to request rates for consulting help at your site.

METRIC STANDARDS for Worldwide Manufacturing
Paperback & Electronic Versions Available
(2012 Ed)


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Computer Tolerance Software


Computer Software for Gages




NOTE: E-books, hardcover books and CDs are mailed out within 24 hours. Add $5.00 for USA order each for shipping and handling. For North Carolina orders add NC sales tax. All funds are in USA Dollars.

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