Metric Standards


The METRIC STANDARDS for Worldwide Manufacturing book, the leading and only metric reference book since it was first published by Industrial Press in 1978. It is one of the best tools you can use to cut manufacturing and engineering costs. In addition, it is your key to global marketing, manufacturing and engineering of your metric products.

The motto the author promotes is “SELL AMERICAN” rather than the negative slogan we frequently hear “BUY AMERICAN.” All sizes for fasteners, material, and components presented in the book conform to American standards in agreement with ISO. If we do not have any, the globally used ISO standards are presented in more than 500 detail tables. The book is therefore well suited for global design, manufacturing and marketing, and will help create North American manufacturing jobs. Make the new revised METRIC STANDARDS for Worldwide Manufacturing 2012 Electronic 8th Edition book available on your Intranet and cut costs when designing your products to international standards and training your staff in the use of the global metric system. The change to the metric system offers American manufacturing unique opportunities to introduce new thinking to the old ways products were made. The metric system requires new threaded fastener sizes, new material stock sizes, new cutting tools, new gages, etc., to be used in production. This is where tremendously rewarding opportunities come into play. For example, six or less threaded fastener sizes may be selected to replace more than 61 sizes used in the old systems. Multiply the number of unique fastener sizes that can be eliminated by several thousand dollars each (automotive actual savings), and the total dollar savings for your company can very well become quite impressive.


Key Benefits of the METRIC STANDARDS for Worldwide Manufacturing books


    • Use the latest edition of the metric standards book to find ways to cut costs and to increase export of manufactured products.
    • See Preferred Metric Sizes, Tolerance Zones and Fits
    • Pictorial world fastener index with 75 types shown on 15 pages with names in English, German, French and Italian. The ISO and national product standard from the major countries and page number where details are shown.
    • Complete listings of metric material sizes and grades, fasteners, drills, screw thread details, drawing examples, keys, splines, gears, bearings, and so much more…
    • Your need-to-know information about the metric system and standards in one book. Use it as a metric training manual.
    • Use links shown to national and international standards organizations (e.g. ANSI, ASME, ASTM, ISO, lEC, JIS, DIN, NF, BSI, etc.), where you can obtain online documents rather than waiting weeks for paper copies.
    • The essentials of ISO 9000 Quality Management and ISO 14000 Environmental Management systems.
    • Save time and money when developing products to metric specifications.
    • Easy-to-use metric standard details in over 500 tables.
    • Numerous examples of “how to’s” can cut manufacturing and engineering costs.
    • Learn to interpret and use the ISO System of Limits and Fits (ISOTOL™).
    It is a comprehensive, easy-to-use reference of all data required for a smooth metric system transition - essential to companies exporting goods. The author emphasizes rationalization of manufacturing by promoting the use of fewer fastener sizes and lengths, and the use of fewer material stock sizes and gages. The books clearly demonstrates how metric conversion costs are offset by expansion of exports and cost cutting methods. Comprising over 800 pages of metric standards and key approaches to metrication, this all-encompassing, practical resource serves many roles with contents including:

Contents - Quick Links

      1. Chapter One - World Standards Organizations (18)*
      2. Chapter Two - International System of Measuring Units (SI) (17)
      3. Chapter Three - Drawing Practices (29)
      4. Chapter Four - Preferred Numbers (7)
      5. Chapter Five - Surface Textures (8)
      6. Chapter Six - The ISO System of Limits and Fits Tolerances and Deviations (ASME B4.2) (39) (ISOTOL™)
      7. Chapter Seven - The ISO System of Limits and Fits Inspection of Work Pieces (ISO 1938) (21)
      8. Chapter Eight - Screw Threads (46)
      9. Chapter Nine - Fasteners (166)
      10. Chapter Ten - Steel Material Data (178)
      11. Chapter Eleven - Nonferrous Material (30)
      12. Chapter Twelve - Bearings (27)
      13. Chapter Thirteen - Mechanical Power Transmission Systems (59)
      14. Chapter Fourteen - Fluid Power Systems and Components
      15. Chapter Fifteen - Manufacturing Engineering (66)
      16. Chapter Sixteen - Quality and Environmental Management Systems (23)
      17. Chapter Seventeen - Conversion Factors and Programs (14)
      18. Chapter Eighteen - General Index (6), ANSI Index (2), ISO Index (13)

*Number of pages.